Protect your entire Family with CUSAFE personal protection app.for the cost of 1 coffee per week this Application turns your smart phone into a Personal Protection Alarm. In a world first unlike other safety applications on the market, CUSAFE offers support from our 24/7 Security Control Room. The Watch Me feature allows you to set a countdown timer alert and your exact location at our control room when entering an undesirable or an area of low Mobile signal When you or your family are alone we give you the peace of mind that we are watching over them 24 hour a day.

CUSAFE is the perfect application for the whole family as well as:

  • Lone Workers
  • Shift Workers
  • Children to and from School
  • Bully prevention
  • Lone Travellers
  • Remote workers
  • Medical emergencies
  • High Risk Workers
  • Mobile Mental Health staff
  • Youth Workers
  • University Students
iPHONE app

Download the free app then logon and register on our web site for immediate protection

Subscription Price

S NO. Duration Price
1 3 month $100.00 AUD Buy
2 6 month $150.00 AUD Buy
3 12 month $250.00 AUD Buy
4 36 month $600.00 AUD Buy
"Transaction Currency AUD" All Transation Are Proceded AUD.